October 2005: Buddy meets Bill Gates!
Buddy, a blog-bag concept I developed for Microsoft Italy and Piquadro Company featured at SMAU 2005 Digital Lifestyle Digital Workstyle event. Fabio Falzea, Director of Microsoft Italy Mobility Department presented the concept to Bill Gates.

September 2005: Back in SF
End of the terrible limbo period! Iím finally a US permanent resident and Iím looking for a job as an interactive product designer in the Silicon Valley. Anyone?

July 2005: Cyberfashion show!
Electric Cinderella and Flightdream featured at SIGGRAPH 2005 Cyberfashion show in Los Angeles.

A book about RFIDs
During summer 2004 I had the wonderful chance to work with Chris Noessel and Jason Tester on a chapter for a book about RFID technology. We concentrated on how a good design should make it visible for the user. The book is edited by Simson L. Garfinkel and is published by Addison-Wesley Professional. Buy it at Amazon.

January 2005: Digicult.it!
Check out this new monthly e-zine about digital arts: DIGIMAG. I’m a regular writer for the interaction design/werables section.

November 2004: Amsterdam!
This time the Reverie Engines and the Flightdream projects flew to Amsterdam for a wonderful exhibition [How smart are you dressed tomorrow?] at the Nemo Museum. Stay tuned for new photos.

April 2004: Let's go Aussie!
Travelling around the world for the first time. Back from SF I flew to Perth, Australia, for The Space Between Conference where I presented a paper about wearbles. While there the PICA Museum exposed my Reverie Engines and the Flightdream projects. Photos!

March 28th 2004: My wedding :))))))))
Gosh! I'm a married woman now! :) a happy one :) Everything happened so fast! Only a couple of well trained interaction designers can design a wonderful wedding in two months! Take a look at the wonderful photos.

Autumn in San Francisco
Attending courses in Drawing at the California College of the Arts has been a wonderful and refreshing opportunity to rediscover my love for charcoal. See some examples.

My thesis about wearables as masks
30th June 2003. End of the second year at IDII. My thesis is made out of 3 prototypes completed by 3 scenarios explores the possible narraratives generated by wearable devices enabling a transformation in the wearer.

Flight dream features on Loop n.7
One of my projects, Flight dream, has been chosen by Loop (AIGA Journal of Interaction Design Education) to feature on issue n.7: 2003 Annual of Best Student Projects.

Thinking about a thesis on wearables
The experience I made building the FlightDream cape for the Designing Desire project made me think about a possible subject for my thesis. What I really loved about it was that we allowed people a poetic and playful interactivity with the wearable, a subjective way into it, a personal interpretation through a performance. So I'd like to explore more the system model of this kind of explorative interfaces for personal expression, to be able to design them effectively when needed.

Point and Pixels Design Course
Attending the Design Course, held by Prof. Casey Reas, has been a wonderful experience. The exercises were really engaging and the results have been satisfactory for me.
I loved particulary playing with typography and pencil drawing compositions. Take a look at the marvellous website about it :)

Summer at PERCRO lab in Pisa
I've spent my summer in Pisa at PERCRO lab designing the overall experience of a user visiting a virtual museum about sculpture. The site was the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo in Pisa where PERCRO is building an haptic interface to touch virtual sculptures for a European project.

Launch of flightdream site
I decided to create new version for the online documentation about the flightdream project. Take a look at the website.

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