Electric cinderella

Drawing from the myth of Cinderella a pair of elegant sexy shoes with a crystal tip but with a new power inside: a stun gun. It’s just a shielded, potential weapon, meant to be used only once, as the wearer has to break the glass to use it.
Cinderella is no more without defenses; waiting for the prince to save or worse to chose her. She goes out and enjoys the world without fear; she can now intimidate intimidators without losing her innocence.
She can have her freedom, Cinderella transforms herself into Barbarella: sexy curious queen of discovery.


Shoes are powered by a 9 volts battery hidden in the heel and are activated by pressing a button hidden in the earring. The crystal tip, that contains the stun gun, is scored so that it breaks more easily when you want to use it.

Persona: Milla

All we can find out about Milla is that she is an ex model in her late twenties. She is a tall, slim, long legged woman. Every time she strolls along the Corso in Milan she gets the attention of all the people around her, even if sometimes she would prefer not to get it.
She is now a fashion journalist for “Vogue Italia”, she gets to travel all over the world and every time she is in a new place she cannot help the curiosity to take a look around, shoot photos of people. In New York, she has a lot of friends in the art field and every time she gets in town she is always invited for the opening of the latest hot spot.
From time to time she is seen dressed up for these big events, wearing high stiletto heels and constrained into a beautiful stretch black short dress that straightens her back and leaves her legs uncovered.
By asking around everybody agrees in saying that her beauty comes from the never forgotten tomboy that still lives in her: through her curiosity and love of freedom.
She once confessed to her best friend that for her beauty is a double-edged sword, as being admired by other people is often quite an enjoyable sensation but sometimes it puts her in the position of being the victim of ill-intentioned people.
She literally said: “I wish I could intimidate intimidators”.


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