IDII Final Project - Master Degree

Technology for building illusions

Wearable devices for playing new roles in everyday life

Traditionally masks, such as those worn at carnevale in Italy, have allowed people to express other personas besides the self they reveal daily. What if wearable objects could be designed to evoke an experience for the wearer that is a contemporary equivalent of the ritual of wearing masks?

Based on interviews and studies of women and their desires for empowerment in various aspects of their lives, “Reverie Engines’ are prototypes for interactive fashion products that allow women to fulfill such desires. These ‘enchanted wearables’ take the form of stylish shoes or gloves, and call up the woman’s desire for more power and control over situations in her life. By evoking fantasies of goddesses and heroines, the wearable objects enable the woman to act out a different personal narrative, and to generate opportunities for new performances in everyday life.

My thesis is made out of 3 prototypes completed by 3 scenarios exploring the possible narrarative generated by the wearables.

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