Reverie Engines' scenarios

Reverie Engines explore a specific instance of immersion in the field of wearable devices. I chose to explore this particular application of technology because it allows an intimate relation with the body and the identity through the creation of augmented garments and accessories.
Wearables bring interactive behaviors to garments. We open up the possibility for an altered perception of ourselves, through an empowerment of our identity caused by the devices we wear. A simple behavior can then become a potential narrative element interacting with a personal narrative and with a potential audience.

Three concepts have been generated within the following constraints.
Reverie engines are devices:
_Enabling a transformation in the perception of the self
_Working as exploratory interfaces
_For delight and engagement

They will be explained one by one in the following links. Every description is comprehensive of a “persona” delineating the profiled user of the device and of a scenario showing a context of use.

The beauty and the beast
Electric cinderella
Touch of a siren

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