Simona Brusa Pasque’ is an industrial and interaction designer, Masters graduate from Scuola Politecnica di design and Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (IDII).
Her most recent area of focus has been the design of wearable computing devices and digitally enhanced clothing, and her projects featured in AIGA’s 2003 list of best student projects and in expositions around the world (Turin, London, Perth, Amsterdam, Los angeles).

Previously she worked for Yond and Altoprofilo, two of Milan’s leading web companies, as a concept and information designer.

She also obtained a Masters degree in Literature and Philosophy from the Catholic University of Milan in 1998.


_Create novel products and product concepts
_Design technologies that interact gracefully with the body
_Work with users, designers and researchers from a variety of disciplines

Research Interests

_The design and evolution of digital genres
_The design of wearables and portable technologies
_Enactive interfaces
_The design of virtual environments