Simona Brusa Pasqué holds Masters degrees in Interaction Design and Industrial Design from Interaction Design Institute Ivrea and Scuola Politecnica di Design (Milano), respectively. Her projects in the field of wearable computing include the design of technologically enhanced clothing and have been featured in AIGA 2003 list of best student projects and in expositions around the world (Turin, London, Perth, Amsterdam, Los Angeles). Previously, she worked for Yond and Altoprofilo, two of Milan leading web companies, as a concept and information designer. She obtained a degree in Literature and Philosophy from the Catholic University of Milan in 1998.


1. Electric cinderella

   on my own
2. The beauty and the beast
   on my own
3. Touch of a siren
   on my own
4. Flight dream
   with Dianna Miller & Phyllis Mancino

Future Services:

1. Personal Channels
   on my own
2. GuardiAnna
   on my own

_tangible interfaces

1. Voobox
   with Michal Rinott & Peggy Thoeny
2. Pandora
   with Livia Sunesson
3. Flower Lamp
   with Magnus Torstesson

_virtual interfaces

1. Synesthesia
   on my own
2. Meme
   with the Hap team
3. Mimesis [in progress]
   on my own


1. Images for Illy Coffee
   on my own.
   on the concept of "Passion" for the issue of their magazine distributed at Salone del Mobile in Milano.


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