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Taking care of your emotional space

While multitudes of techniques and devices for security abound, is it possible to take care of your emotional space? Is it possible to address your need of someone when you feel scared?
In an environment where feeling secure I think emotional space, and presence are the cornerstones.


My idea was to create a service to take care of the emotional side of security, seeing home not as a collection of objects but as an emotional space, where confort, warmth, smell and sound are the main element of feeling safe.
My solution is basically misdirect your fear when you're scared, using a bracelet to convey information about your bio-data, to tune the system of your home to be syncronized with you and to provide the right confort at the right moment.
I thought also about using a camera of the security system not to watch outiside but inside and having someone on the other end watching at me and taking care of me when I feel unsafe and nervous.
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