The beauty and the beast

Drawing from the character of Selina Kyle and of her alter ego Catwoman, pictured in the movie “Batman II” and in Batman’s comics book, a pair of earrings coupled with a pair of elegant shoes disguise an expected feature: when stamping down on the heel a whiplash sound rings out.
Designed for an emotive woman who no longer wants to be a victim or without words. For her a special “word” to be kept for the right moment when she’s no longer altruist or willing to accept compromises and she suit her own whims…
This device is created to help self-motivating when she feels down or when she wants to dramatically re-establish her place in the world with a whiplash.


The sound of the whiplash is activated by stamping the heel. There are two modes. A switch is hidden in the earphones-earrings to shift from one mode to the other. In the private mode the wearer is the only one who can hear the sound through the earring when she stamps on the heel, shifting to the public mode the sound can be heard by people around the wearer.

Persona: Lizzy

Lizzy is a nice and cheerful woman in her early thirties. She is the assistant of the curator of the local Natural History museum.
She is married to Richie. Their love was at first sight, they met on a flight to Madrid and they got married three months after.
As she appears to be a balanced person, she is well liked by everybody for her kindness and joyful character. She is also very sensitive and romantic and goes into raptures every time they broadcast “Pride and Prejudice” on American Movie Classics Channel. She loves to read novels and never misses a premiere of the latest James Ivory’s movie.
Due to her sensibility she often gets upset when people treat her with rude manners and she always hopes to find the energy to answer back in the same way.
You’d often hear her saying: “Sometimes I’d love to be able to remind myself how good I am”.


  The beauty and the beast
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