Reverie Engines' process

The process I went through to get inspirations for my project “Reverie Engines” was guided by the desire to understand, emphatically as well as theoretically, the different aspects of the problem that was puzzling my mind: how some interactive objects can change the way we perceive ourselves, our identity, how they can allow brief daydreaming moments or engage an interaction mainly with our imagination.
To explore the problem I decided to go through different iterations, inquirying different aspects with different methods.

Iteration I. A bodystorming experience: “Braids and dreadlocks”, wearables for aesthetic purposes

Iteration II. Field research: observing people experiencing masks during carnival

Iteration III. Experience modeling: heroines and goddess as pre-textual filter for getting stories about personal narratives

Iteration IV. Concept generation through personas and scenarios

Iteration V. Testing the acceptance of the concept

To learn more download my thesis' pdf.

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