Touch of a siren

Drawing from the myth Sirens, icons of female sensuality, creatures able to produce sensual enchanting sounds, a pair of gloves that transforms the massaging touch into a sensual relaxing sound.
Fingers are webbed to create an immersive space around the head while massaging; palm internal tips are decorated with small slippery stones to allow a level of artificiality in the touch. The activity that is performed shouldn’t recall straightway a masseuse; it should be filtered by a displacement due to the not natural, unknown quality of the touch. The primitive, echoing and sensual sound emitted by the palm of the gloves should project you in a dimension of relaxation and of oblivion.

Persona: Lorie

Lorie is in her early thirties and has been dreaming about being a singer since she was 5 and she saw her first concert of Joan Baez. Every On Saturday nights she sings in the local popular pub. She has reached popularity due to her voice that people consider particularly evocative and touching.
In her everyday life she is a nurse, the head of the ward in a private clinic, where she takes care of elderly people. Due to her job she has a lot of physical contact with people so she has a constant filter on, not to be too much involved. People consider her a real professional; she is always firm and calm.
She lives with Scott, her boyfriend. Their relationship is quite steady, he is a very sweet guy but Lorie feels she would love to surprise him by being less icy and stiff as she is sometimes.
She once confessed to her girlfriend Anna: “I’d love to know how to touch and cure Scott with my fingers.”


Massaging the head the palm of the gloves after a few seconds a sound fades in, a white noise (recalling the sound of a shell placed near your ear), whose pitch is mapped to the pressure applied by the fingers. After a while an echoing voice of a woman is added to the white noise to suggest the singing of a siren. The sound fades out when the pressure of the fingers is over.


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