Visual+Interaction project

Perceiving rhythm combinig senses

What's rhythm in a poem?
Is it possible to perceive it with multiple senses?
Poems are sequence of verses arranged rhythmically in metrical feet. Every poem has his own rhythm through the sound of stressed vowels. Synesthesia allows to see and touch (even eat!) it through colored bubble gums.

I choose to show the rhythm of italian metrical feet using some bubble gums, representig vowels, disposed on little wooden bars, representing the verses, inserted in a long wooden bar, representing the entire poem.
Bubble gums are disposed on the little bars following these code:
- A different colour for a different vowel’s timbre
        a > orange
        o > yellow
        e > green
         i > red
        u > blue
- A different shape if the vowel is stressed

From a Physical System to a Graphic one

The brief of this project asked to conceptualize and construct a physical system and to use it as a basis for a graphic system.

_a long wooden bar (soft wood: balsa)
_little wooden bars (soft wood: ramio)
_coloured round bubble gums

_The long wooden bar is hanged on the headlamp by a string
_Bubble gums’ disposition stands for the rhythm of a poem and depends on a code (based on association colour -vowel timbre, shape-stressed or no stressed vowel)

_Bubble gums’ number and colours depends on a chosen poem
_Little bars’ number depends on the number of chosen verses
_Bubble gums’ number on the little bar depends on verse-lenght
_Headlamp position
_View of shoot

How to get to the graphic system
_Choose a poem
_Choose the number of verses
_Dispose the bubble gums on the little bars
_Dispose the little bars on the long one
_Hang on the long bar to an headlamp
_Rotate or move the long bar
_Shoot photos from different views

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