Visual+Interaction project


A drizzling grey sunday on a little island near Malmö in Sweden. Livia and her little daughter Tullia are waiting for daddy coming back from an art exhibition. Tullia has to have her little nap but today is really restless, so Livia decide to sing her a popular nursery rhyme.Tullia enjoy so much the rhytm that starts to sing it loudly. Completly worn-out Livia has to think up a better solution: Tullia loves bubble gums so why not let her play with them singing the rhyme?
Livia teaches Tullia how to sing and combine syllabes with colured gums disposing them on little wooden bars, that Livia prepare for her. Tullia enjoys so much the game that she finishes the all song and then tired falls asleep near her little edible masterpiece.
Livia collects all the little bars and place them on a long one hanging it to the ceiling lamp, then she shoots some stills moving the long bar. Wow! How beautiful they are.
It's very late at night Livia's husband finally gets home. Before going to bed he wants to see his little Tullia, so he goes to her room. But hey! What's the new poster on the door?
Getting closer he can read the title: "Next time don't go too far to find a masterpiece!"
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