Electric Cinderella
Drawing from the myth of Cinderella an elegant transparent shoe with a new power inside: a stun gun. The electric spark is visible in the tip of the shoe and is activated by a earring.
Cinderella is no longer defenseless; she transforms herself into Barbarella: sexy curious queen of discovery.
Electric Cinderella reflects on the idea of “weapon” as pure message and on its power in changing our behavior. Reinterpreted for a stylish woman the stun gun shows its power in the act of being displayed, as a statement, a fashion and style statement this time. The weapon in itself is shielded and meant to be used only once by breaking the glass at the tip of the shoe.

Materials: Plexiglas, stun gun, 9 volts batteries.
Persona: Milla

All the scenarios written for the Reverie Engines projects are based on personas. In this case the persona is called Milla, an ex model in her late twenties.
She once For her beauty is a double-edged sword, as being admired by other people is often quite an enjoyable sensation but sometimes it puts her in the position of being the victim of ill-intentioned people.
She often says: “I wish I could intimidate intimidators”.
To find out more about Milla see the dedicated page in my website